RHDR Typhoon goes to Severn Valley Railway for the rest of 2019

Rail Report
(C) Daves Rail Pics
RHDR Pacific No.7 Typhoon will spend the rest of 2019 at the Severn Valley Railway.

Typhoon is at the Visitors Centre at Highley next to No.600 Gordon. 

Her arrival on Friday has been very positive with enthusiasts. She arrived last week and some of the SVR volunteers have given her a polish.

So is the out of ticket? No she isn’t. She is just on display because the RHDR don’t need her this season so instead of her sitting in New Romney she can represent the RHDR and let visitors to the SVR see a RHDR Pacific.

A brief history on Typhoon: 

Image result for RHDR Typhoon & Flying Scotsman
(C) RHDR. Typhoon and Flying Scotsman, 90 years apart. 
The railway’s founder and owner, Captain J E P Howey, craved more power and ultimately speed from his locomotives and the three cylinder route was experimented with on this engine and her sister No.8, Hurricane.
Before being delivered to New Romney on 19th May 1927, Typhoon posed for publicity photographs next to the full-size Flying Scotsman locomotive at Kings Cross. The expected performance gains from the three-cylinders didn't outweigh the increased running costs and many breakdowns experienced and she was converted to the tried and tested two-cylinder configuration during 1935-36.