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SR Terrier
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(C) Isle of Wight Steam Railway 
The London, Brighton & South Coast Railway A1 Class is an English class of 0-6-0T steam locomotive. The class was designed by William Stroudley, 50 members of the class were built in 1872 and between 1874 and 1880, all at Brighton Works. The class has received several nicknames, initially being known as the 'Rooters' by their south London crews. However, the engines were more famously known as 'Terriers' on account of the distinctive 'bark' of the exhaust beat. Today we know them as the Terrier's. Later in their careers, some engines were known as 'Hayling Billy' on account of their work on the Hayling Island branch line. 

After the LBSCR introduced more powerful locomotive's the Terrier's found new work in Sussex, as shunters and station pilot's. 

Image result for Terriers SteamWith these new uses being found, the class remained in use on the system, surviving to be taken into ownership by the Southern Railway from 1923 and by British Railways from 1948. Although the number of engines dwindled following the Second World War as the work they were used for was either dieselised or lost to rail through the closure of branch lines and yards, a number continued in operation through into the 1960s, most famously on the Hayling Island Branch Line in Hampshire. The withdrawal of the final members of the class finally came in 1963,the line to Hayling having closed in November 1963.

Eight members of the class were purchased privately for preservation, with two other examples being donated by British Railways to the Canadian Railway Museum and the National Railway Museum. One of these engines, No.55 Stepney, is best known as being the first locomotive to arrive at the Bluebell Railway, which was itself the first preserved standard gauge steam-operated passenger railway in the world when it opened in August 1960, and also for appearing in Stepney the 'Bluebell' Engine, one of the books in the original Railway Series written by the Reverend W. Awdry which also gave birth to Thomas the Tank Engine.

Preserved Terrier's:

No.40 Brighton - Isle of Wight (As W11 'Newport')
No.46 Newington - Isle of Wight (As W8 'Freshwater')
No.50 Whitechaple - Spa Valley Railway (As 'Sutton')
No.54 Waddon - Canadian Railway Museum
No.55 Stepney - Bluebell Railway
No.62 Martello - Bressingham Steam Museum
No.70 Poplar - Kent & East Sussex Railway (As No.3 Bodiam)
No.72 Fenchurch - Bluebell Railway
No.78 Knowle - Kent & East Sussex Railway
No.82 Boxhill - NRM