Britannia, Back on the Mainline

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No.70000 Britannia has been undergoing overhaul at LNWR Crewe for a while. Many enthusiasts are and were hoping to see both preserved Britannias together before No.70013 'Oliver Cromwell' gets taken out of service. This still may be a possibilty but a small one.
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Britannia came out of overhaul earlier this year and went to the Severn Valley Railway for testing / Running in. Recently She left the preserved railway for the mainline. She went from Kidderminster (SVR) to Crewe H.S.

She is currently undergoing mainline testing and crew training. It is most likely she will be hauling charters for Saphos Trains (Icons of Steam Charter Company). She will be joining Royal Scot, Lord Dowding and a few others at Saphos Trains.

A Brief History

After her construction at Crewe works, Britannia entered service in 1951. For the early part of her life she was based in London and East Anglia, working fast boat train services to the eastern docks. In her later years she was transferred north west, to work heavy trains on the West Coast Main Line from Manchester, Carlisle and Glasgow.

She was eventually retired in May 1966 and was initially mooted to become part of the National Collection. This was not to be and she instead passed into private hands. She is now in her third running period since leaving British Railways, her last overhaul having been completed in 2010.

After two periods of running in preservation, Britannia became part of the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust in 2009. She made her third return to steam on the mainline.

An unfortunate series of setbacks in 2013 and 2015 have meant Britannia's recent mainline career has been somewhat curtailed and she is now awaiting an overhaul before being returned to steam.

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