Rock thrown at moving coach on Heritage Railway.

Rail Report
Two youths were reportedly throwing stones at the moving train. Pictures: Eddie Mitchell
(c) Eddie Mitchall . The damage done...
Sadly yesterday 'Hooded boys' decided to throw a rock at a window of a moving coach on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. 

What is more, a volunteer out investigating yesterday’s incident was hit in the face by a stick earlier today. Police say the stick was thrown by one of two young boys who matched the description from the previous day.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Yesterday there was a stone thrown that smashed a window and narrowly avoided injuring someone on the train. 

“Two youths were throwing stones, about 12 years old.

Following the incident yesterday, police said that the railway company asked staff to search land east of the railway line. 

One volunteer spotted two youths and one of them threw a stick at him, hitting in the face, police said. 

The police spokesman added: “He had a minor injury from where it hit him in the face.”

Anyone with any infomation should contact the Police. 

With thanks to the Crawley Observer