60163 'Tornado' Repair Update!

Rail Report 

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(c) A1 Steam Trust. 60163 'Tornado' hauling 'The North Briton'

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust have released an update on A1 60163 'Tornado'. The A1 Steam Trust's focus is on repairs on Tornado's valve bores, including the fitment of new valve liners to the middle valve, and on machining other components such as the new crosshead, union link (as seen below) and combination lever.  In due course it will move on to the new valve heads.that are required and smaller components like fitted bolts and so forth as we reinstate the locomotive to operations.

(c) Robert Stephenson Co. Ltd. - The new union link...
The investigation progresses, and whilst it continues, the focus is on an alignment issue on the middle valve, analysis of the clearances in the valve rings and a concern over contamination or degradation in the lubrication used. The A1 Steam Trust will continue to work through these issues to ensure robust conclusions are reached and agree suitable actions with our industry partners to avoid a re-occurrence.

The A1 Steam Trust have accounced that 'Tornado' will be back into service on the 10th July 2018 re entring mainline services along with heritage visits.