What's a 158 doing at Corfe Castle? | Saturday Specials at Swanage Railway

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Credit: Andrew PM Wright

If you were watching the Swanage Railway's Corfe Castle railcam you might have seen this, a 158 entering Corfe Castle station. You might be wondering why it was there, the Swanage railway isn't apart of the mainline! 

The Swanage Railway have partnered up with South Western Railways to create Saturday Specials. From 26th May to 8th September 158's will be pulling up into Corfe Castle Station. 

Credit: Swanage Railway


  1. Old picture. This Saturday's service used a Class 159 in the new SWR livery.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes this is an old photo but we could only find pictures like this. We would use a new photo but we couldn't find one.


      Rail Report


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