Pacer could go to NRM York

Rail Report

The NRM could take in a Pacer to stand in the great hall along with the Mallard. The imfamous 'rattler' train is many peoples worst nightmare. 

So What Are Pacers

 Briefly Pacers were origanly Buses but they were turned into trains. They were only ment for use for 20 years but they have gone over. They are under Northern's branding.

Pacers - which are derided by passengers for their outdated technology and lack of comfort.

What Do The Officals Say?

NRM's Attraction Manager Ms McNicol said 'There are things that operating at the moment that we would like to represent in the muesum in the future, and the Pacer is certainly one of the things that we've talked about,they will gradually be retired from December. The NRM is currently pursuing a major expantion scheme which will link both of the muesum's sites and connect them to York Station'.